The 2 pictures below show my Klout score on different days. The day I created my Klout score, or account rather, I linked it to just my facebook and twitter account and got a score of 10. The next day, I had a score of 14 and I presume it was due to some activity or the like.Two days ago, I added my instagram, tumblr, and wordpress and now my score is 24 (this picture was taken today). I do not really think is is accurate, considering that the website is meant to tell you how much ‘influence’ you have regarding social media, depending on how much you communicate with people. This is because I tweet regularly(daily in fact) and respond to people’s tweets and get responses as well. I am on tumblr 24/7, blogging and asking questions. I may not be on all the other sites as often but I still believe my score was rather low. Honestly, i have no idea what Klout is trying to accomplish, because I feel it is ludicrous and highly absurd to assume a person’s value in scoiety through social media.   This link: has some questions that I feel are rather productive. It helped broaden my questions and thoughts on Klout.

I feel having a connection to people you lead via social media is important but not compulsory. I say it is important because the larger population of the world are either teenagers or young adults. Most of us have at least one social media site we visit frequently, so for a leader to use this to connect with us, it will be easier for them to get their message across but it should not be assumed the message cannot be passed across without it.

One question I will talk about is the title itself,”Does Your Klout Score Determine you Value?”. I do not believe that how much you tweet or blog or facebook or instagram should determine your value because the re are great people from times before all these social media who are still greatly acknowledged. In general, I found the whole process dreary because I feel it does not even tell you the proper ‘Klout’ score, which is silly, because it came up with the guidelines for it.

OK I had to re-edit this again. Because of the inefficiency and slowness of the Klout website to determine by ‘Klout’ score. Not sure exactly what I did but my Klout score increased again(to 35)….



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